Richard Ruane and Beth Duquette

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What other people have said about them:

Duquette’s and Ruane’s voices weave delightfully through each other and the music. Herb van der Poll - Vermont's Seven Days 


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Ruane’s work on guitar is full of finesse and creativity. [Ruane’s writing] possesses the three critical tools necessary to any writer in any genre – narrative sensibility, a poet’s ear, and a sense of humor.  Jeff Trippe - Maine Folk Music website 

Ruane is a talented storyteller, painting whole scenes with his lyrics. Duquette has a lovely voice, and her soulfulness shines through. Robert Resnik – Vermont’s Seven Days


Ruane's guitar work is crisp and emphatic. Art Edelstein - Times Argus 

Ruane is adept at the fine art of storytelling put to song. His originals speak to different shades of love, joy, mystery and real life. Terry Lickona - producer of Austin City Limits